About Us

Verulamium at Play is a registered charity which aims to raise money to replace the city’s flagship playground which has reached the end of its life and desperately needs to be brought up to date. The charity is community led and operates with the full support of St Albans District Council which is both the local authority for and landowner of Verulamium Park within which the playground is situated.

About the Playground

The playground, which was built more than 30 years ago, features several climbing frames, swings and static play equipment.

All of the equipment is extremely dated with chipped paint and broken parts. Some pieces, such as the animal springs, have been removed due to their poor condition and most recently ‘the rocket’ has had to be cemented into place. The playground is enclosed by a rusting fence and even the gates, bins and benches are worn. The playground, although well used due to the lack of alternative facilities in the area, desperately needs to be brought up to date.

About the Park

Set in over 100 acres of parkland, Verulamium Park is located within the centre of the city of St Albans and is popular with the local community and acts as a major tourist attraction. The park is situated on the site of the former Roman City of Verulamium and has been designated a Scheduled Ancient Monument. The park features an ornamental lake which was completed in 1932 and a roman museum, which attracts a large number of children from across the country. The park is served by two car parks and a network of public footpaths, bridleways and cycle paths.


Our aim is to raise enough money to redesign and replace the entire playground in order to provide an innovative, exciting and inspirational playground for young children to play, explore, learn and develop. An important objective is also to ensure the playground is accessible to all and fits well within its unique parkland setting.